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that, while he may live in washington, he's not of washington. >> it's always nice to get out of washington -- it is. and spend a little time with the people who sent me to washington. chris: washington bashing is a time-honored tradition, even among incumbent presidents. here's the master, ronald reagan, campaigning for re-election inive in 1984. >> coming back here from washington, d.c. is a little bit like landing in the real world after an extended visit to the twilight zone. chris: in 2000, george w. bush ran as a washington outsider, despite spending much of his young adult life in washington. w chose his tasex side. care for our people. one thing about insurance -- that's a washington term. chris: anyway, the queen of outsiders has to be sarah palin. here she was at a north carolina fund raiser in 2008. >> we believe that the best of america is not all in washington, d.c. we believe -- we believe that the best of america is in the small towns that we get to visit and in these wonderful little pockets of what i call the real america, being here with all of you hard worki
to the american people and i do not think they want it either -- is for washington to continue being so washington -- like. -- so washington-like. i know that folks spend a lot of time reading the polls and looking at focus groups and interpreting which party has the upper hand in november and in 2012 and so on and so on and so on. that is their obsession. and i am not a pundit. i'm just the president. take it for what it is worth. but i do not believe the american people want us to focus on our job security. they want us to focus on their job security. [applause] i do not think they want more gridlock. i do not think they want more partisanship. i do not think they want more obstruction. they said as to washington -- they did not send us to washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. that is not what they want. they said as to washington to work together, to get things done, and to solve the problems that they are grappling with every day. and i think your constituents would want to know that despite the fact that it does not get a lot of
concerns about what washington is doing to create jobs. >> so long as i have the privilege of serving as your president, i will not stop fighting for you. i'll take my lumps but i won't stop fighting to bring back jobs here. >> what does the president do now? how will he frame his agenda during next week's state of the union address? senior white house adviser valerie jarrett. then the republicans, massachusetts victory gives the minority party a shot in the arm, but does the gop stand for something more than opposition to the obama agenda. we'll ask senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. the political landscape and the obama agenda, with us e.j. dionne, bbc world news america katty kay, peggy noonan and nbc news white house correspondent chuck todd. in our "meet the press" minute, january 1976, another time of economic turmoil presidential candidate senator lloyd benson offers practical advice to then president gerald ford on his upcoming state of the union address. >> we should be creating opportunity, what the people are looking for in this country is return of self confidence. >>
health care through. although washington is divided on many issues, it's the economy driving public accident timp. now nbc news/wall street journal poll is breaking down exactly where americans stand. chuck todd has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: with the state of the union looming, president obama faces a very skeptical public. 58% believe the country is off on the wrong track, the highest number since mr. obama took office. it's not just about him, it's about all of official washington. 70% believe the federal government is not working well, compared to just 28% who believe it's healthy and in need of just small reforms. it's a more negative view on government than even during the disputed election. but our responders don't agree on the ability to find solution to the country's most pressing problems. 48% blame republicans in congress. 41% blame democrats in congress. this disapproval has not been lost on the president, who since his massachusetts defeat has been trying to recapture his campaign message of change. >> there are nice people in washington, but it can drive you c
. >> thanks, maria. here's what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. washington and wall street are not exactly the best of friends these days. president obama is asking for a tack on the nation's 50 largest financial instewings to pay back the bailout of wall street. the proposed tax on banks, thrifts and insurance giant would start after june 30th and would raise an estimated $90 billion over ten years. that came after bank ceos faced tough questions on executive pay and the failure of regulation before a bipartisan commission in washington. that commission looking into the causes of the financial crisis. the market shrugged off the noise from washington, closing at a 15-month high on thursday, but on friday, the markets fell. we are just heading into earnings season with dow components intel and j.p. morgan chase, beating analyst expectations this week while alcoa missed. and it's a battle of the titans with google taking on china. the search engine threatening to pull out of the biggest market in the world because of internet censorship. so can there be any winners in
. clarence page is a "chicago tribune" columnist. kathleen parker writes a column for "the washington post" and david brooks is a "new york times" columnist and analyst on the newshour. first up, senator scott brown said the uprising in massachusetts will be catching in the fall's elections around the country. >> there's trouble in massachusetts but rest assured, there's trouble everywhere and they know it. chris: president obama told the news he had something in common with the guy that upset his entire apple cart in washington. >> the same thing that swept scott brown in office swept me in office. chris: the president went on saying the anger is left over from the bush years. >> people are angry and frustrated. not just because of what happened in the last year or two years but what's happened over the last eight years. chris: but savannah, the polls in massachusetts say he was the target of the anger, the president. >> they're trying to put the best face on it and they want to show they get the message they're not totally deaf to what happened in massachusetts but their claims to this h
to washington, what that does is open the door for the president to make a lot of visits. baltimore becomes a wonderful place to do pilot programs, a different pilot programs for the nation. >> also on the show, -- pilot programs, different by the programs for the nation -- different pilot programs. hey, who wants to be a millionaire? well, maryland has a new way to try. they celebrated the launch of powerball today. >> a p.r. offensive. i am brian mooar in washington. >> all clear on doppler radar so far. >> american doctors working in haiti are finding new ways to get critical patients to the united states for care. 3 haitian children were airlifted by private jet today to the children's hospital in philadelphia. on wednesday, the u.s. military halted medevac flights after a dispute over where they would go and who would pay for it. >> and we would like to present this to you. 10,000 dollars. >> this seen it at a church in northwest baltimore. -- this scene at a church. the church pastor says is an effort to show the people of haiti that the church is committed to their recovery. if you d
with the way washington works, as the president tries to engage the other side in a face-to-face policy debate open to cameras. >> very soon you are due to submit a new budget. >> i know there's a question in there somewhere. you're making a bunch of assertions. >> can the two sides work together? will there be give and take? we'll speak to two men central to making that happen. thep's senior adviser david axelrod and john boehner of ohio. then our roundtable weighs in on the president's focus on jobs and his political standing. the new york times david brook, cnbc's david faber, "the washington post's" eugene robinson and "u.s. news and world report"s mort zuckerman. in our "meet the press" minute we look back to a time not long ago when both sides engaged more openly in policy dialogue. the majority and minority leaders of the senate, side by side, together in one of their frequent "meet the press" appearances. >>> first, here with us exclusively david axelrod, senior adviser. good to be here. >> i want to begin with news this morning. first the trial of khalid shaikh mohammed the alleged ma
sight over haiti. our washington bureau was the only invited on this mission, they hope to guide aid to the people that need it. >> they have asked to specifically focus on port-au-prince, theicalital capital city, and looking at roads and telephone lines and power lines. >> the crew will fly over haiti and images will be used to help in efforts. one important pipeline comes from charleston air force base where airmen are being flown from around the clock. >> we landed in haiti at night and in doing so we saved ourselves a lot of time. there is only one runway and a lot of planes filled with humanitarian aid trying to land in the day. crews only had hours to land and move for room for others bringing aid from around the world. >> before the sun went down, inspiration of this mission of mercy looked up at the cargo of a country needed. this is a devastation seen from the sea-17, homes reduced to rubble, affecting even the strongest of military men and women. from day to night time on the ground in haiti, everywhere we looked we saw crews from all around the world. some having not slep
to abstain from your marks, if elected. >> washington got a little cut sent back with any mark. they are smarter than that. let's stop sending those tax dollars to washington in the first place. >> in the name of transparency, he has earmarked request on his web page. it is the first skirmish in what is expected to be a tough and expensive rematch. both sides spent more than $5 million combined last time. >> wateville is currently minute -- currently winning the money race. he has raised twice as much as his opponent. not good news for andy harris who needs a lot of cash if republican senator pitkin mounts a primary challenge like he did last time. >> no pay hikes for lawmakers for these two years and there are significant restrictions for future salary raises. it comes on the backlash that members of us -- of the general assembly are in position to give themselves a raise this year. this comes in the midst of high unemployment, cutbacks, layoffs and furloughs. >> late this afternoon the house speaker michael bush and senate president mike miller issued a joint statement reject
are working to determine her background and cause of death. >>> a washington state man may face charges of illegal possession after officials found four-foot alligator and 40 snakes in his home. animal control officers seized the snakes, most of which were poisonous. they have the daunting test of finding homes for nonvenue on manious snakes. >>> in three days they created this guy, luigi. a comb for a nose and bricks for its mouth. while the family has a history of making mammoth snowmen this broke their previous record by four feet. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. your forecast being put to good use there. >> very much. i thought super mario was luigi. >> he wasn't wearing his little jumper. >> suspenders. people in nebraska have had a rough winter. at one point record snow pack on the ground. they have done some melting as of late. temperatures mild down here from texas, dallas southward. some tropical air moving northward. that's welcomed. show you the radar in a second. look at the te
, a washington, d.c. party promoter, never got close to the president although named by "the washington post" the alleged gate crasher adamantly denies he was ever at that event. >>> here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. a washington state family returned from vacation to find a holiday lawn ornament stolen and the crime caught on camera. a man seen walking his dog with a woman approached the porridge, unplugged the penguin ornament and just ran off with it. the family's 10-year-old daughter bought the sea bird with their savings. >>> farmers are doing everything they can in florida from keeping the winter blast from ruining their profit. the ice insulates the fruit why overnight frost and protect the flowers so they produce more strawberri strawberries. >>> a chicago man set a record without moving. jeff miller won the annual couch potato contest for the third straight year. miller watched sports for 72 straight hours without sleeping. he left his chair only once every eight hours to use the restroom. and now for a look at your national and regional weather
>> i'm brook hart in washington. days after massachusetts voters delivered a shocking setback to president obama advisors say he will not be pushing the reset button in his second year in office. that story coming up. >> grim numbers from haiti as the search for survivors turns into a recovery effort. >> and before we start gathering up two of every animal, let's find out first how long all of this rain will last. the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy captioned by thenational captioe -- -- >> good morning, everybody. i'm lisa robinson in for mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> let's check today's forecast with tony pann. >> just called you noah pann. >> you might be able to take a vote on some of these roads -- a boat on some of these roads. we've had over two inches of rain. there's a lot of standing water. be careful, hydroplaning is a possibility this morning. be careful. and the winds are gusting over 30 miles an hour. if you're drivin
to rescue the other two. a 25-year-old man was blown to washington medical center with non life-threatening -- flown to washington medical center with non life-threatening injuries. the fire was brought under control. there is no word yet on the cause. >> yesterday, temperatures were pushing toward 60. today was a little bit chillier. still some sunshine across the region and technically a little warmer than normal, but a lot chillier than yesterday. mostly in the low 40's in the region and over in two parts of howard and montgomery counties. to the south, we see the front that brought in the cooler air is still generating some rain across parts of central virginia and some mixed precipitation in the mountains of west virginia. it looks like that wilstay to the south tonight, but a strong research of moisture will come rolling in tonight and tomorrow. some wet and maybe winter rather here for thursday night and friday morning. >> baltimore city police are looking into the latest homicide. a man was shot yesterday afternoon on north caroline street in east baltimore. the man was
years. the president needs to rein in spending according to some. giving washington democrats unprecedented spending binge, it is like washington going on a diet after winning a pie eating contest. >> it looks like we will have another huge deficit this year as in last year. >> most indications seem to post -- . towards red ink. -- point toward red beak. >> many are plunging to raise money for the special olympics in maryland. this person is going to great lengths to show support for maryland families. their daughter suffers from down's syndrome. not even one year old, she lost her life before thanksgiving. they started raising money for the plunge in june. they are honoring the memory of their daughter. >> i never would have thought somebody who does not know me cares that much about my daughter. >> the $1,000 donations -- you can join him in joe flacco at the plunge at the bay. enif you know someone taking the plunge, and you can tax them words of encouragement to 8859. we will run those messages at the bottom of the screen during ever coverage beginning saturday morning at
of the union address tomorrow night. we are in washington with more. >> under pressure to cut record red ink, officials say obama will announce a three-year spending freeze. it could affect everything from air traffic control to education, to national parks. it will not affect military or security costs for medicare, the engine of big spending. it is driving costs. >> let's make tough choices. everything, cutting our own budget. >> the president is aiming at tax breaks at the middle class. >> proposals will make it easier for families to get by, students to get ahead, workers to retire. but it came on the day a new poll confirmed americans top concerns, jobs and the economy. about to debut of every five -- two of every five american workers has been unemployed for six months. we have never seen anything like that before. >> i think people care more about results, about the creation of jobs, about getting a handle on the deficit, then they do about the next speech. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> to americans, tomorrow night. this morning, congress comes out with more bad
. in the face of public doubt, his goal was to stiffen the size of democrats on health care. in washington, wbal-tv. >> at maryland is set to receive dollars from the federal stimulus on high-speed rail projects. they need to improve reliability. they will construct a new building and island platform in one area here. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. did the president's state of the union address leave you optimistic about the future? email us your response to >> several maryland lawmakers were inside of the capital listening to the president's address last night. they were anticipating an update on the economy and jobs. the of coming mayor says she was pleased with the speech. >> energy conservation, the work we are doing in the city, that type of job creation -- jobs in our city -- it means prosperity for our citizens. i am very excited about that. >> she is slashing money from the city's budget starting with funds for her own perks. funding is at $4.8 million for the mayor. it is used for a variety of items. dixon said she believes it is necessary
from iraq. chris: hi, i'm chris matthews. happy new year. katty kay is a bbc and washington correspondent. dan rather is global correspondent, john harris, is et tor in chief of the politico. helene cooper, white house correspondent. john, you came up with seven story lines that obama's critics are starting to push. avoiding those stories could well be his new year's resolution. giving the critics a storyline that he's playing with monopoly game. >> another story line looks like he's yielding to nancy pelosi. looks like he's more interested of being president of the world? critic bill crystal says this -- >> obama is making us weaker. he tries to placate adversaries. >> this idea that he's somehow a global blowny guy. not too much of a good old yankee american. >> what he has chosen to emphasize in the early going has led to that perception. there's no doubt by favoring the wall street crowd that he fed into that whole thing. then talking about global warming, it all leads to this perception. i think the perception is a problem for him. chris: tipping to the atlantic and not
? 11 news reporter brian mooar has this story from washington. >> will he change the game plans and wednesday night's state of the union address? -- will he change game plans in wednesday night's state of the union address? >> most people thought washington was about other things, not them. >> the president reenlisted a top political gun, but administration officials insist there is no anti-obama backlash. >> what we learned from the massachusetts victory is that people are sick and tired of washington not delivering for them, so the question is really, will the republican party unwilling to come and work with us? >> republicans say they are working with the people. >> all across the people and even in the most liberal state in the union, -- >> i hope a lot of my friends and got the message that the american people like change but gradual change -- a lot of my friends have gotten the message. >> jobs and the economy, both expected highlights of the president's message. i am brian mooar, wbal tv 11 news. >> john is measuring lots and lots of rain. >> is just getting started. we w
washington. >> in the capital of port-au- prince, devastation and buildings flattened to rubble. the presidential palace is affected though he is said to be unhurt. there is many can -- much confusion. as aid workers moved in overnight, patients arriving in miami said that the quake rocked the airport as they left. >> it was such a big impact. secretary clinton is in hawaii. >> we will be providing military relief and humanitarian assistance. our prayers are with the people who have suffered. >> the earthquake occurred just a few miles away from the capital. >> we are going to expect a lot of damage. haitians in florida are frustrated and able to reach family. >> sort and rescue teams -- search and rescue teams in virginia and california are getting ready for their rescue mission. many are set to arrive today. they want to clear the runway and make sure it is safe. >> despite the cold weather, dozens of residents in baltimore went to city hall to protest the pensions of dixon. it was organized on facebook. more than 1800 fans joined the group in just a few days. many believe the
. that is for far too long, people in in country felt like washington was a part of this special interest and not about them. people are six and tired of washington not working with them. >> on healthcare, palestinians say they are working with people. all across the country and even the most liberal state in the country, massachusetts. >> i hope the president and my democratic friends have gotten the message that american people like change, but gradual change. the focus should be on the economy and jobs. both are expected to be key parts of the speech. osama bin laden reemerges on tape. is he actually responsible for that christmas day bombing attempt is dating silver star on her way to the plane. >> another jet liner diverted this weekend. more on the safety scare. >> a new audio tape purported to be the voice of osama bin laden. on that tape, he claimed responsibility for the failed christmas bombing and vowed to continue attacks as long as the u.s. supports israeli. >> a flight forced to make an emergency landing because of an unruly passenger. need divert from denver after a passeng
. >> the president is hoping his trip to baltimore will somehow help meant washington's political divide. in his speech, he criticized house republicans for opposing him on taxes, health care, and economic stimulus. he said it is time for both parties to find common ground. >> i don't think they want more gridlock or partisanship. i don't think they want more obstruction. they did not send us to washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match to see who comes out alive. that is not what they want. they sent us to washington to work together and get things done. >> president says he is open to reviewing the report republicans turned into day entitled "better solutions." >> we have posted the job creation plan and the gop address on our website, do you think his speech will help improve bipartisanship? >> the maryland democrats are taking a page from his playbook to see if his spirit of bipartisanship has now spread to the state legislature. >> on paper, it appears to be the case. i have a letter right here. today, to cheers of some powerful appropriations com
. -- he barely beat harris. >> the dollars they sent to washington, they got earmarks. they are smarter than that. let's stop sending those tax dollars to washington in the first place. >> big business, big banks. now they're taking care of. the problem is that does not help the little guy, and we are doing our best to protect the jobs. >> maryland's most vulnerable race is considered this one. congressman kratovil has already raised twice as much money as harris. >> we first told you last night about that panel set to discuss pay raises for state lawmakers. >> well, today, the decision was made, and it was no pay hike for this year or next. david collins has more. >> all 188 members of the general assembly for at least two years. after that, and a bump in pay will be tied to the state unemployment rate. -- any bump. it would go up of the unemployment rate drops to 5% or below. >> then there will be a $2,000 salary increase starting as an january 1, 2013. >> if the vote was not unanimous. members considered a compromise. >> the economy is not healthy now, and there is no indication that
. >>> from nbc news, the state of the union address. live from washington, here is brian williams. >> good evening from capitol hill. it is the third time he has spoken to a joint session of congress, but it is the first time as president that barack obama has delivered the state of the union address. it is safe to say it is a different speech than the one he might have delivered a week or so ago before a republican won special election to the seat held by ted kennedy in massachusetts for almost half a century. outside of washington in america, the voters are angry and the president knows it. there is some fury over bailouts and big bankers and big bonuses and no jobs. tonight, at the end of his first year in office, he gets to sum up the job and look at the future. as you can see, the chamber is already filling as members of the cab a net and white house staff file in. the first lady, michelle obama, is greeting her guests in the first lady's box in the gallery. for our coverage, david gregory and andrea mitchell are in the studio. chuck todd across town in the nbc washington new
women's college basketball teams in washington, d.c. the melee happened as georgetown and louisville were warming up. a georgetown player reportedly tripped a louisville player who was running laps, sparking a scuffle which had athletes trading punches. since it happened an hour before the game, no penalties were assessed. georgetown went on to win. >>> food and supplies were lacked onto a luxury cruiseliner but not for vacationers. they are using ships to transport it there. 80 pal ets of supplies were loaded onto the cruise ship bound for the earthquake-torn country. >>> the main attraction at a sportsman's show in minnesota wasn't large but made quite a splash. twiggy, the water skiing squirrel, showed off her amazing aquatic skills, wearing a tiny little life preserver. the adorable animal expertly displayed her unique talent. that's always video that makes you smile. >>> now for a look at your national and regional weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. twiggy never gets old. >> can she swim? let's talk about the temperatures out there.
handelsman has more from washington. steve, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, thanks. good morning. i won't quit. that was president obama's main message up here last night. he is refocused on jobs, but he's still pushing the rest of his agenda despite setbacks. after one year in office, president obama came to the congress and to the nation on primetime tv to admit many who put him in the white house have doubts. >> change we can believe in, the slogan went. right now i know there are many americans who aren't sure if they still believe we can change. or that i can deliver. >> reporter: but the president said he saved 2 million jobs with his stimulus plan and cut taxes, but he also bailed out the banks. >> i hated it, you hated it. >> reporter: mr. obama said they will hate his new plan to tax banks and now he wants to focus on jobs. >> people are out of work. they're hurting. they need our help. and i want a jobs bill on my desk without delay. >> reporter: the president is not giving up on health care reform. >> i take my share of the blame for not explaining it more clearly to the amer
see sometimes up in washington. >> they gave president obama a tour of the company that employs 39, including jerome green, who met the president face to face. >> out of nowhere, just for them to call up like they did tuesday morning and said the president is coming, it blew us away. >> the company has very well during the recession, with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced today, including tax breaks for new hires. a dozen people call today looking for work. >> i think the president picked this company because it was manufacturing. it is people who make something. we want to make america great again. >> no one, including the company executives themselves, are completely sure why this was their moment, a moment also shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. >> thanks for all the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i know you guys probably have to fuss a little bit to get ready for us, but from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have
in washington. and so we have to change the culture here. >> reporter: even after the stunning republican victory in massachusetts and a new role for 2008 obama campaign manager david pluff, now brought in to help limit expected losses in congressional elections this fall, white house advisers deny a shift in political strategy. >> you're not hitting the reset button here? >> no, we're not hitting the reset button at all. >> i won't stop fighting to bring back jobs here. >> reporter: aides also dispute that mr. obama's populist campaign style approach, on display friday in ohio, is a departure for the president. >> in washington people look for signs, cues for their script to say oh, you know, here's obama 2.0. this is obama -- this is the obama who ran for president. >> reporter: but as he prepares for wednesday's state of the union, much of mr. obama's first year agenda, like signature efforts on energy and financial reform, is now mired in congress. with the health care bill months in the making now on hold, each side blames the other for gridlock. >> he chose to go hard left the first
of homeland security in washington. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, about 2,000 flights a day arrive in the u.s. from overseas. now the department of homeland security is requiring more intensive screening for many of the passengers who fly on them, including some americans. among the first of the world's airports to adopt the new rules were benazir bhutto international in pakistan and germany's largest airport in frankfurt. >> i'd rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something like that happen. >> reporter: airlines that fly to the u.s. from overseas must now give full-body patdowns and physically inspect the luggage of all travelers from or traveling through countries considered high risk. 14 countries where terror groups are known to operate or draw support including nigeria where the accused christmas day bomb plotter is from. and other overseas passengers must be selected at random, including some returning americans for the same enhanced screening. >> we have provided now for 100% enhanced screening for people who have either traveled from
of democrats on health care. in washington, wbal-tv. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. did the president's state of the union address leave you optimistic about the future? email us your response to >> 15 days after the earthquake in haiti, there are still people being rescued. a 17 year-old girl was rescued from the rubble in port-au- prince. she was transported to a hospital. the national guard has been called into service to help the haitians survivors. a plane will fly out middle river this afternoon carrying some plies. -- supplies. our reporter made it back to tell after being in haiti. have pulled a girl out of the rubble in port-au-prince. from haiti and talked about his experience. >> he pulls the blanket down and it is her daughter. he said, where do i take her body? i said, i know there is a more here at the hospital, but i do not know where it is. he took the body back up and walked off. >> you can see the full interview on our website be sure to look at the pictures on the front page. he will be the guest on our show thi
the area. one problem spot on northbound route 1, washington boulevard at montgomery road. debates -- delays developing there. southbound 95 coming out of the northeast toward the beltway, a little sluggish. 11 minutes on the outer loop north side. if the same on the westside. going away from us is the outer loop. looking at an easy ride as well on the westside. it is starting to build there. >> looking at some of our top stories. powerful storms dumped heavy snow and rain across parts of texas. snow blanketed roads in amarillo, making driving tricky. in lubbock, texas there were dangerous road conditions. the storm started as rain and flooded areas before turning into sleet and snow. in abilene some vehicles were left under water. the author of one of america's most controversial pieces of literature has died. j.d. salinger, whose book "catcher in july" spoke tthe ryo youngsters. it was banned for a time in schools. he was 91 years old. >> a target employees in missouri turned her house into a virtual warehouse of stolen merchandise, more than $100,000 worth of chairs, lamps, and
of the man's own daughter. president barak obama calls for partisanship in washington to deal with the war on terror. >> 11 news sunday morning starts right now. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. top stories in just a moment. first, we want to take a a lookout side. >> as they say in new england. it's wicked cold. terrible out there this morning. wind chills are a little below zero. it feels like downtown, it's is the. examine bridge, 21. york and haguerstown. these are the gusts. parkton, 23. 27 mile an hour gust in easton. when you factor all that together, it feels like zero at the airport. two downtown. zero at easton. eight apoff and 11 below. in addition to the wind and cold, they are getting a lot of snow out in far western maryland. we'll talk about this wentry weather. a balt father is behind bars this morning charged with the beating death of his own daughter. they are charged with beating his 20 month old daughter to death. we have more. >> it was december 17. the afternoon of the blizzard of 2009 when rescue workers were called to the home of the 2800 block of kentucky aven
of things here and there, light snow showers south of the yellow line. that puts it just south of washington. on the eastern shore over the virginia cape there is some snow, but all north is still in the clouds. that line is creeping north slowly. we will see it move further north. more on where the snow will wind up today in a minute. let's look outside and put in the latest numbers. 20 at the airport. it would be colder if it was not for the fact that we had the number breeze. -- if we had that north breeze. this early in the morning the humidity is iran 80%, so the atmosphere is really -- the humidity is up around 80%, so the atmosphere is really dry. the barometric pressure is really high. temperatures -- 20 degrees at the airport. only 19 in randallstown. heavier clouds began to move over us now. this is an indication we might get snow around this area with some ice in the carolinas. the storm center is near the gulf coast region. it will be moving off the coast, but not up along the mid- atlantic coast line. it will be going out to sea. high pressure in the great lakes will hold this s
with a brief update from our own brief williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security was further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. none of them specific, including recruiting women for bomb attacks. this same general concern led the u.s. last week to further tighten air security, with more screening and stepped-up use of air martials. two days ago the british government established a no-fly list for the first time for flies into the uk. the british this week suspended direct flights between london and yemen, brian. >> again, we thought it best to address this story up top tonight. pete williams in washington, thanks for doing that. >>> back to our
was also stabbed. corporal ray was from potomac. he was stationed in washington, d.c. >> three days after these people died in house fire, crews went back to the neighborhood going door to door to prevent more lost lives. >> they lived a life to the fullest. i would like them to be remembered. >> henry it returned to the oliver street home saturday for there is a makeshift memorial for her family. her mother and uses died in a fire here on wednesday. fire officials said that there were working smoke detectors in the home, but it did not give the family out of the house. it is something that henriette cannot understand. >> they were here sunday, cooking, getting ready for dinner. the smoke detector went off. i don't understand. >> saturday morning the baltimore city fire department went door-to-door, checking to make sure that smoke detectors are installed and working properly. >> we find after a fire the neighborhood years and it is easier for us to get in. oftentimes people will not come to the door. the message is we're not taking your housekeeping. although we are doing is coming to ma
on the one-year anniversary of the swearing-in of president obama. >> in washington today, for the president, martha coakley stood for a symbol of voter anger. >> what a great crowd. i bet they can hear this cheering all the way in washington, d.c. >> reporter: everything in official washington heard something, but what they heard depended on who they are. for republicans, scott brown's surprise upset was about one issue, health care. >> the people of massachusetts have spoken for the rest of america. stop this process. >> they don't want the government taking over health care. they made that abundantly clear last night. >> the people of massachusetts stood up and said, enough is enough. >> reporter: but the president said his party's loss was about something bigger. in fact, he told abc that the same voter sentiment that got him elected president in 2008 swept brown into office tuesday. >> people are angry and they're frustrated, not just because of what's happened in the last year or two years, but what's happened over the last eight years. >> reporter: white house aides admit it was partl
to please come forward. the man whose car plunged into the icy waters of rock creek in washington, d.c., was a recent john hopkins driver. the car was almost submerged in the icy water. it took rescuers about 10 minutes because of the water froze and around it. joshua coleman was taken to hospital but died that afternoon. he graduated last year. >> lawyers for one of the suspects in the murder of a former baltimore city councilman say that key evidence needs to be tossed out our investigative reporter is live in the newsroom with details. >> there could be serious questions about the case. it involves the 2008 murder of ken harris. it was one of the city's most violent high-profile crimes. >> his suspect was linked to the murder through dna. his lawyers are arguing they improperly obtained the dna by stating under a it was for a different murder occurred before harris was killed. the lawyers argue that police had no probable cause to get his dna in the harris case. they used the old case as the hook and then compare the dna to the evidence in the harris case. the lawyers say it was e
in washington, d.c. >> many are waking moment -- waking up without power as a result of the flood waters from yesterday. residents say it is nothing they had not seen before. it was the worst flood i had ever seen. >> it could have been enough off, it could've been a lot worse. >> that are blocking off the promenade at the pavilion. about 1 foot of man swelled -- water swelled around some businesses in >> military base after the devastating our question haiti, many are in need of basic shelter. many are living in makeshift tent cities. the search for survivors continues as rescue crews hold out hope as they sift through the rubble of collapsed buildings. west -- president obama is calling for spending cuts. he will address that in his state of the union address tomorrow night. >> officials say president obama will announce a three years spending freeze. it could affect air traffic control to education to national parks. it will not affect military or security, or entitlements like medicare. >> let us make the tough choices. every family in america has had to do that in cutting our own budget.
two miles off the coast of lebanon. >> in washington this week president obama delivers the first state of the union address of his term. there are strong signs he'll want americans to look ahead and not so much back on his first year in office. 11 news reporter brook hart has the details. >> ahead of president obama's first state of the union address one top aide admits voters haven't seen the change they were promised. >> they have a reason to be frustrated with everybody because we have not delivered yet. we're now in washington. we have to change the culture here. >> the white house is coming off a blistering week. the upset g.o.p. win in massachusetts republicans say shows voter outrage over the president's health care overhaul. >> all across the country, even in the most liberal state in america arguably, massachusetts, the people are telling us, please don't pass this bill. >> the obama team heard a voter call to fix the economy, add jobs. >> not going to stop fighting until we add jobs for everybody. >> analysts skeptical. >> this president doesn't come easy to populism an
in washington. >> the owner gave the president a tour of the company that employs 39 people. this person met the president face to face. >> just for them to cullis out of nowhere -- it blew us away. >> the company has pared well during the recession with contracts locked in. they like the incentives the president announced such as tax breaks for new hires. within half an hour of the visits, a dozen people called looking for work. >> i think the president went to this company because it was manufacturing. when you make something, we will make america great again. >> the company executives are not sure what this was the moment. it was shared by a mayor in waiting. >> maybe the president is making amends to baltimore for things he may have wanted to do at an earlier time. >> thanks for all of the great work you do. thanks for hosting me. i am sure you had to get ready for us. from my perspective, it was a great visit. >> the people here say they have never been politically connected before. after a high-profile visit like this one, they may be now. the president hopes his trip to baltimore will
releases new figures on the economy's output. nicole killian joins us with details from washington. >> we are expecting to see more positive growth for the economy but in the government figures due today, with administration officials hoping to keep up that momentum for their small business plan. >> proposing and new small business tax credit that will go to over 1 million small businesses. >> today the president makes it official, a new plan to help the nation's small businesses. >> we are not going to rest until we of rebuild an economy in which hard work and responsibility are rewarded and businesses are hiring again and wages are growing again. >> white house officials say that is the name of the program. small businesses would be eligible to receive a $5,000 tax credit for every worker hired this year and reimbursed for extra social security payroll taxes if they increase wages or hours for existing employees. the credits would be capped at $500,000 per business. start up companies would be eligible for half. what is unclear is how the administration will pay for the $33 million prog
guinea, australia and new zee land. instead, clinton will be heading back to washington where she will lead the state department's relief efforts. >>> and later on the "today" show, meredith vieira speaks with secretary clinton about the qaa fast any in haiti and what steps the u.s. will be taking with relief efforts. that's this morning on "today" right here on your nbc station. >>> and as the united states brings aid to haiti, the question of health care here at home continues to dominate on capitol hill. following a meeting yesterday, president obama and democratic leaders say they've moved forward on an overhaul but have yet to settle on a final deal. meanwhile, a group of 15 attorneys general are now threaten to go sue over a controversial subsidy that would reportedly bring $100 billion in medicaid exemptions for nebraska. it wasn't included in the bill to win the support of senator ben nelson and what some are calling the corn husker kickback. >> now here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. >>> a new exhibit in washington, d.c. is sure to make
, washington. >>> the obama administration, meanwhile, says it has suspended transfers of guantanamo bay detainees to yemen. that decision, however, does not alter its plan to close the facility. >>> the obama administration enjoyed a court victory yesterday, one that also somewhat vind indicated the bush administration as well. a sweeping decision by a federal appeals court backed the wartime powers of the president to detain terror suspects, even over the limitation office international law. unless it is reversed by the supreme court, the ruling gives the white house a stronger hand in challenging court orders, calling for the release of detainees. the three-judge panel rejected a panel by cook who claimed he was neither part of a military or country at war. giving them the rights of criminal defendants would impact the entire way the military approaches war. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> san diego police are looking for two mench accused of beating a man with a skateboard at a train station. they pushed the man onto the tracks an
a little hope. >> washington with there's -- the washington wizards guard gilbert arenas is facing a felony gun possession charge. one count of carrying a pistol without a license. he admitted to keeping several guns in his locker at the verizon center. he says he did not know he violated washington d.c. laws by doing so. last week, he placed the gun in front of a teammate's locker in a "misguided attempt at a joke." it has already cost him more than $700,000 in lost wages. stay with us. tom tasselmyer has a look at the forecast straight ahead. to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides free entertainment. but one day soon, it could be taken away. there's a movement among special interest groups to limit free antenna tv and millions of americans who depend on it would lose out. let's tell congress to keep free antenna tv as part of our communications future. always free and always local. >> supplies are arriving in haiti and now workers have the monumental task of organizing a man getting them to the victims of the earthquake. a
franciotti has the latest. >> a private first class in the u.s. marines, stationed in washington, d.c., he was once a star athlete in football and basketball and track in montgomery county. >> he was just a joy to coach, and he was incredibly athletic. he holds school records from as far back as the early 1970's through the high school. the long jump, high jump, and triple jump. >> he was at a party in northeast baltimore and the party was crossed by several people from the neighborhood. they were asked to leave, and it did, but allegedly came back with a knife, stabbing and killing the man. >> this is a terrible catastrophe that an individual is going to the party. forget the fact that he is a veteran, service members, dedicated his life to protect our country, this is a guy who goes to a party and dies. that is not a message that we want said. >> police say that the work around the clock to find the killers, and 24 hours of the crime, three men were arrested -- michael wiggins, nicky woodward, and vernon hadley, all in the 20's and from baltimore. they are behind bars, facing numerous ch
mayor, michael bloomberg, is calling on washington to cover the cost of trials set to take place in downtown manhattan. bloomberg said the cost of security for trying khalid shake muhammad would top $200 million a year. in a letter to the white house budget director, the mayor said the tough economy has already forced the city to thin the ranks of its police force. the justice department has said in the past that new york will not be asked to bear the entire financial burden. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> one unhappy fast food patron in missouri did what we've all felt like doing at some point but actually would never do. she took her anger out on the mcdonald's staff after her order was messed up. heaving a bucket of mop water at employees and trashing the restaurant. the manager estimates $3,000 worth of damage. >>> in rhode island, a new year's day shooting was captured on tape. the suspect rang every buzzer in his ex-girlfriend's apartment building until someone let him in. when the current boyfriend answereded the door,
an economic recovery. >> his biggest challenge may be convincing a skeptical public that washington is on their said. in today's washington journal poll say 7% say the government is not working. 93% believe that there is too much partisan bickering. -- 70% believe the government is on the wrong track. >> the government will have to continue to offer better solutions. >> to focus on jobs. the president will call on congress to pass a law creating more jobs. just over half the country thinks he spent too little time focusing on the economy. as the president heads to capitol hill this treasury secretary is there today depending of the taxpayer bailout of aig. >> the steps taken were motivated solely by we believed to be in the public interest. >> a critical speech for president obama admitting mistakes in boosting the morale of an angry, jobless america. tracy for nbc news in washington. >> the state of the state address by the governor is once again on the move. initially he wanted to deliver this speech today but moved it to february 4 so would not convict -- complete with the presid
of the totals we have for you. at pimlico, right here in the city, 5 inches. baltimore washington airport, and this is not the final number, 1.7 inches. 4.7 @ frederick and bel air as 3 inches of snow. we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. we want to check the road to see how things are going. kim? >> it is still stalling out here. you can see that. we have seen some snowplows go by here, but because the snow is still coming down, the road keeps getting covered. it looks very slick. definitely use extra caution if you are driving this morning -- tomorrow morning or tonight. the snow has not stopped since this morning. it made for some treacherous conditions on the road all day, leading some stranded. baltimore city has 152 pieces of equipment snow plowing and salting. they're focused on the primary roads, but they say as of now, 6:00 p.m., they are starting to clear secondary roads. as the snow continues, and word of warning from officials. >> we do encourage people that do not have to leave their homes to please stay home. we have our snowplow team. keep a safe distanc
in washington, d.c. he was once a star athlete in football, basketball, and track in high school. >> he was just a joy to coach. he was incredibly athletic. he holds school records from as far back as the early 1970's for the high school. in the long jump, the high jump, and the triple jump. >> just four days after his 20th birthday, ray was at a party in northeast baltimore. around 4:00 in the morning police say that party was crashed. they were asked to leave and did, but allegedly came back with a knife stabbing and killing ray. >> this is a terrible catastrophe that an individual is going to a party -- forget fact that he's dedicating his life to protect our country. this is somebody that goes to a party and dies. that's not a message we want to send. >> police say they worked round-the-clock to find ray's killers. and early sunday morning, just more than 24 hours after the crime, three men were arrested -- michael wiggins, nicky woodward, and vernon hadley, all in their 20's, and all from baltimore. they're behind bars facing numerous charges including first degree murder. >> we have to sta
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